Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gronk for MVP?

Before everyone starts calling me an idiot, hear me out. Why isn’t there more talk of Gronk for MVP? I understand and respect the season that Aaron Rodgers is having, but correct me if I am wrong here; haven’t we seen that already? Lets take a closer look at 2011 Rodgers vs 2007 Brady, and then 2011 Gronk.

2007 Brady: 4806 yrds 50 td 8 int 68.9 comp % 117.2 passer rating
2011 Rodgers (to date): 4125 yrds 39 td 6 int 69.6 comp % 123.3 passer rating

These two seasons are just about a carbon copy of each other. By Jan 1, Rodgers will be around 4806 yards, 50 tds, and 8 ints (that’s also if Green Bay doesn’t sit him for a game or two). I know it’s a passing league and the media people who vote on the MVP salivate over the Tom Brady's, Aaron Rodgers', and Peyton Manning's. To me, its boring when two pass happy qbs have mirror seasons and are both named mvp. Glad you all agree.

How many times does a player like Rob Gronkowski come along? For me, I don’t remember the Pats having a tight end this good since the Ben Coates days, and Gronk might even put Ben Coates to shame. The man is a beast. Plain and simple. Tight ends in the game today have evolved into more wide receiver than ever before. Most teams will carry two different types of TEs on their rosters; the pass catchers and the blocking TEs. Gronk is both. The man is one hell of a blocker. He might be the Pats best offensive lineman when he run blocks. I'm not even trying to be funny here. Its true. The presence that he has in the run game cannot be overlooked. Oh yeah, he is a pretty good receiver too.

Through 14 weeks, Gronk has 1088 yrds 71 receptions and 15 tds. 15 TOUCHDOWNS! FROM A TIGHT END! Just about every 5 catches Gronk has, it’s a touchdown. And he is averaging just over 1 td per game. He already holds the record for most tds by a TE in one season, and he accomplished that in 13 games. By seasons end, he could realistically have 1500 yrds 90 receptions and 20 tds.

I’m not saying the Gronk should be MVP, I'm saying that he should be considered for the award with Aaron Rodgers. If it was up to me, Gronk would be MVP. We have never seen a season like this from a TE and probably wont see another one for a really long time. QBs will have great seasons year in and year out.

Think about that while you sleep tonight. Goodnight world.


JD said...

I didn't see Moss winning the MVP in '07 when he broke the G.O.A.T's TD record. In fact if you look it up, there has never been a receiving MVP. There are only 3 years ever when anyone besides a RB or QB won the MVP, 1971 Alan Page DT, 1982 Mark Moseley PK, and 1986 the Real LT. There is no denying that Gronk is having a monster year, my fantasy scores have been blown up by him. But it comes down to who is throwing the ball to him, if it wasn't TB throwing it to him every week, there is no way he would be having the year he is. If anything Gronk's stats as Moss's stat did in '07 should further validate TB's running for the MVP.

V said...

Appreciate the feedback JD. Thanks for reading. I understand your point and I do agree with you, but compare this season to Bradys two mvps. Would you vote him MVP for this season? I sure wouldnt. He has looked awful at time and has made many poor decisions (compared to Rodgers and Brees). In 07, I think Bradys season over shadowed Moss's. This year, Gronk is the one making brady look better. He has had many short passes that have turned into TDs because of Gronk (TD vs KC and the play that set up his TD last week vs WSH). Just something to think about. Thanks again for reading and hope you give us more feed back in the future.

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