Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bruins and TUUKKA still rolling..

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season.. I also hope everyone has been keeping up on their sports most notably our Boston Bruins, Celtics and New England Patriots. The Patriots had to fight for their win on Sunday but none the less a win. The Celtics, well they did not win but it was still a good opener considering they didn't have Pierce and yes I will say Mr. Rondo looked pretty damn good, I still trade him for CP3 all day though. Most importantly, I would like to bring your attention to our Boston Bruins. In case you haven't been paying attention let me go over a few things with you..

Since November 1st the Bruins are 20-2-1, they have gone from last place in the Eastern Conference to 1st place in the Eastern Conference as of last night. They also only trail the Chicago Blackhawks by 3 points for 1st in the entire NHL and the Blackhawks have played 3 more games than the Bruins.

The Bruins players continue to lead the league in key stat categories..

Tyler Seguin (+26) and Brad Marchand (+25) are 1st and 2nd respectively in the Plus/Minus category. (For anyone who doesn't know what that stat is, it means the goal differential of when each player is on the ice, so the Bruins have scored 26 more goals than they have allowed while Seguin was on the ice)

Tuukka Rask (.944%) and Tim Thomas (.943%) are 1st and 2nd for goalies in the save% category. Tuukka (1.66) and Thomas (1.84) are also ranked 2nd and 4th in Goals Against Average. Timmayyyy is 2nd in the league with 4 shutouts and Tuukka is 8th with 2 after he recorded 2 in a row last week. **Tuukka is now on a 140 minute shutout streak. 2 U's 2 K's TUUKKA TUUKKA

As a team you ask?..

The Bruins continue to put up outstanding numbers in key categories

They score 3.52 goals a Game (1st)
They allow 1.88 Goals a Game (1st)
Plus Minus +44 (1st)
They kill penalties with 88.9 efficiency (2nd)
They score on the power play 19.4 percent of the time (10th)

With all of that said and all of the numbers laid out in front of you, my favorite thing about this team continues to be their chemistry and "pack" mentality. Everyone single one of those players has each others backs and they play as a whole unit not just individual players. Cam Neely and Peter Chiarelli have this team pointed in the right direction and I could not be happier. Go get another one fellas..


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