Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iona drops to 10-3

So this wasnt the blog I want planning on doing to make my second comeback. Im like Jordan when it comes to bloging...multiple comebacks. Unlike the Iona Gaels, who couldnt rebound from a 43-28 halftime deficit. We lost 83-75

Clearly the Gaels got off to a sluggish start against the Hofstra Pride, at least I think they are the Pride. I know the used to be the Flying Dutchmen, maybe, I think. They remind me of Auburn. Just pick a freakin nickname. Anyways...Hofstra is now 6-7, meaning they were 5-7 coming into this game tonight. Ew. Ewwww. I guess Id rather lose to a crappy team now and smoke a great team in the tourney, but this lost hurts. Clearly, we see that Iona plays up to its competition and down to its competition. Very upsetting for a team with this much talent.

Not much to add on here. Optimus chipped in with 20 points and 13 bounds. Great effort out of Glover tonight, but not enought. Machado did have 10 assists but only had 5 points. Yes, 5 points! Interesting how once Doug Gotelib (or however you spell his name) come out with his top pro prospect this week with Machado ranked #12, he puts up a stinker like he did tonight. Awful performance. I expect better. Momo continued to impress by adding 20 points, 6 assists, and 6 bounds. Other than that, they only other Gael with double figues was Kyle Smyth. He dropped a whopping 12 points this evening.

I was hoping this team could build on their huge, dominating perfermance against a respectable program in William and Mary. But losing to Hofstra? Come on now.

Didnt their coach have to resign like 3 hours after accepting the job because of some sort of violation or rumor that came out about him? Im disgusted. Goodnight


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