Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pats vs Bills Preview...Won't Even Be Close

This game/season series with the Bills reminds me of the 2003 season. You know, when the Pats cut the best saftey in Patriots history and Lawyer went to sign with the Buffalo? The Pats opened that year up in Buffalo and played like poop. Got smoked 31-0. Last game of the season comes around, I don't quite remember if any home field was on the line that but the Pats reversed that score and sent Buffalo home to their 3000 foot high snow banks with a 31-0 loss. Exactly the same thing this season. Week 3 this season, Pats get out to an early 21-0 lead and then they completely fall apart, losing 34-31.

A lot of people might think since Brady hurt his shoulder last week he wont play much tomorrow. Guess what? If you think that, you're an idiot. You think Brady is going to sit out with the #1 seed on the line and a passing record in his reach? Nope. He wouldn't sit out if this was a meaningless game. Brady will start and play well into the 4th quarter. He hurt his none throwing shoulder people, and he is a football player. This guy isn't going to sit anything out.

Call me crazy, but I think the defense shows us something this game. Have you seen the way Fitzpatrick has been playing recently? I mean, this guy has to have one of the best jobs in the world right? He plays great for 5 games this season. Gets a 50 million dollar contract. Then he falls apart. This guy sucks, absolutely sucks. I'd love to suck at what I do and still get 50 mill. I think you will once again see the opposition try to pick on McCourty. And why wouldnt you? Speaking of players who suck, my god. What happened to him? If he gives up 15 yards this game, he becomes the first DB in NFL history to give up 1000 yards receiving. Yikes. And that is why he is my player to watch on D. After that ugly performance last week (yes he had an INT but did you see the pass? Stevie Wonder could have caught that with one hand.) Dev is going to show us something this week and go into the playoffs on a positive note.

On offense, you'll see the usual. Welker. Gronk. Hernandez. Ocho (yep, not a typo). But keep your eyes on #22, Stevan Ridley. Kid is gonna break out this week. I don't know why it has taken them so long to use him but he played great toward the end of the game last week and Bill O'Brien had some nice things to say about Lane's boy after the game. I think he gets the bulk of the carries. He should be right around 100 yards with at least one TD.

This game won't be close. Pats win 41-10.

Happy New Year, everyone. Stay safe. Don't do anything Lane, Dan, or I wouldn't do....


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