Friday, December 16, 2011

Pats vs Broncos Prediction

Enough of this NBA and NHL garbage. Time to talk some Patriots.

First, I want to apologize for my lack of effort yesterday. Had to get up early to travel down to NC. Didn't get back until late and I just didn't feel like blogging. Sorry. You guys deserve better than that. Second, I want to give a shout out to the high school principal who suspended those four clowns for "Tebowing" in the hallway of the school. Those four deserve it. You want to make your school look bad and look like selfish idiots, you should be suspended. And enough of this "Tebowing" crap, I'm sick of it. Its bad enough that this guy is getting the press that he is. Lets stop this before it becomes a problem...oh wait, it already is.

On to the game. I really do think that this sets up to be a good game for the Pats. Yes their defense is not that great, but they win when they need to. If they do have a "strength," it is stopping the run. You take the read option and run game away from Tebow. Keep him inside the pocket, and make him beat you by throwing the ball. Yes, I know he has won games on TD passes, but at least one play on those final drives, Tebow has done something ridiculous to drive them down the field.

Two key defensive players you need to keep your eye on during the game. 1: Brandon Spikes. Tebow's buddy in college. The defense will get a huge boost if Spikes plays on Sunday. I saw that he practiced with the team on Wednesday (haven't check to see what his participation was yesterday and today) (The Boss update: Brandon Spikes has participated all week in a limited capacity) but it has to be a good sign that he is back out on the practice field. Stopping the run is the best part of his game. Get him back in the middle with Mayo and running the ball up the middle should be difficult for the Broncos. 2: Andre Carter and Mark Anderson/whoever is playing the other DE spot. You have to get pressure on Tebow and keep him contained in the pocket. If these guys can do that, then that leaves plenty of time for Big Vince, Love, and/or any blitzing LB to get to Tebow.

On offense, look for the same players to chip in. Brady will be Brady. Welker will be Welker. Gronk will be Gronk. If there is an x-factor to look for on the offensive side of the ball, its Aaron Hernandez. The Broncos will try to take away Gronk and Welker. How successful they are at this remains to be seen. I see the Pats running a lot of 2 TE sets like they have been doing all season, and the defense losing sight of Hernandez. I'm thinking around 5-7 catches, 80ish yards and a TD. It will also be interesting to see how much Branch plays after leaving last weeks game with an ankle injury. If he is limited, look for the Ocho/Underwood combo to have a couple catches in this game. Maybe even one or two for a huge first down.

There is no doubt in my mind that the pats will win this game. The question is how much? If the Pats score 24 points, they will easily win this game. I see the Broncos trying to run the ball a lot and keep Brady off the field. Thus, keeping the score as low as possible. The more points that are scored, the more this game favors the Pats.

Pats win 34-17.


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