Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trading Tuukka? That's crazier than Donald Sterns..

As previously stated I am huge supporter of Bruins 1A goalie Tuukka Rask. For those who don't know Tuukka was acquired by the Bruins from the Toronto Maple Leafs roughly 5 years ago when he was still playing in Finland and his rights were traded to Boston for Andrew Raycroft. At the time Tuukka was one of the top goalie prospects in the game but Toronto needed immediate help at the position and felt Raycroft was young enough and good enough to make the trade, huge mistake. 5 Years later Raycroft is nothing more than a journeyman backup and Tuukka is currently 2nd and 3rd in the league in the two statistics most often used to judge a goalies performance, Goals Against Average and Save Percentage. Yes you read that right. Tuukka Rask the Bruins "backup" goaltender is second in the entire league in Goals Against Average at 1.82 goals per game and 3rd in Save Percentage at 0.939 which is 0.001 behind Tim Thomas who is in 2nd at 0.940.

Thomas and Rask's success have led many people to discuss trading Tuukka.. Arguing that Thomas is showing no signs of slowing down and it is a waste to have Tuukka sitting on the bench when we could use him to acquire a top goal scorer. I will argue with everyone and anyone on this point until I am blue in the face. Here is why..

Tim Thomas plays a very unorthodox style, what he lacks in true goaltender form he makes up in heart, effort and compete level but that adds even more stress to his already ageing body. I love Tim Thomas, hell, he is the reason I got to watch and cheer as my Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup last year but because of his style and age his body is no guarantee. If you trade Tuukka, and Thomas blows out his other hip as he did 2 years ago then what? Who is playing goalie now? Even if he stays healthy, who is playing goalie in 2 years when Thomas eventually retires? Tuukka is the future and it may come sooner than many of you think. Why is having 2 of the top 3 goalies statistically in the game a problem? Why is that something we should change? Why do we need to trade our future star goaltender away to acquire a goal scorer when we are already 2nd in the league in Goals Scored per Game? This makes no sense to me. The majority of our forwards on the Bruin's roster, you know the guys responsible for that goalie scoring stat are under the age of 30 and Tuukka is 24. To me that sounds like a hockey team built for success for now and the future.

So lets do this, lets enjoy Tim Thomas while we can. He has displayed some of the best goaltending over the last 2 years that the league has probably ever seen. Tim Thomas is 37, most goalies, starter or backup, do not play even that long never mind for a couple more. But lets hang onto Tuukka, sure he will ride the pine for 60% of the games this year and maybe even next but soon enough it will be TUUKKA time!! That is what I am waiting for and I hope Bruin's management and all of you will do the same.. But hey, if you think we should rely on a 37 year old body at one of the most body abusing positions in the game that's your opinion.. But Tuukka has up to 10 good years left, Thomas has 2 or 3 tops.. I suggest we all sit tight and enjoy the best goalie tandem in the game. And I will leave you with this -


-The Truth


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