Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Will Delonte West Be Missed?

The answer to that question, HELL YES.  He clearly had his troubles, a certain guitar case and shot gun come to mind.  He has been treated for depression and mood disorders.  He has also had some very humorous stages in his career.  A certain KFC rap video comes to mind (see below), working at Home Depot during the lockout comes to mind.  He may or may not have had an affair with LeBron’s Mom (either way, it clearly rattles LeBron – which I’m good with.)  I mean has anyone else had a view on a date like Delonte (If you don’t know what I am talking about, click here.)

Delonte was a guard who could play the 1 or the 2.  He always played his hardest and loved being in Boston.  I mean who else comes back to Boston after they were traded from the Celts?  He just wanted to play basketball and worked his ass off to get there.  He was here when the Celts sucked; he was here when they were good.  He was never a great athlete, never a great shooter, never a great ball handlerer, never a great rebounder, never a great passer.  But you know what he was?  He was a great teammate, and did all the little things that would make everyone else better.  If the team needed a pick-me-up, Delonte was that guy (see Miami series from last playoffs).  There is just something about those lefties, they are crafty.  I will always remember the video below as the way I remember Delonte.  Let me speak for Celtics Nation Delonte, we will miss you and good luck in Dallas.

-The Boss


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