Friday, January 13, 2012

Thornton vs Canuck's Media

Sorry but this was just too good to not discuss..

I have already posted about the Bruin's vs. Canuck's game, I know but this part deserved it's own post. During the the latter part of the first period Bruin's tough guy Shawn Thornton challenged Vancouver "tough guy", Dale Weise to a fight. The reason Thornton challenged him is because Weise was one of the 7 guys punches him in the back of the head earlier on the period when it was 7 on 1 and then decided to pick a fight with the much smaller guy in Nathan Horton who was also recently coming off a major head injury, you know the one the Canuck's Aaron Rome gave him in the Stanley Cup finals last year? Anyways.. So Thornton challenges him as you see from the video above, Weise apparently agrees and the referee standing between them hears it all and gestures to them just to get set for the faceoff and then go about their business. Puck drops, Thornton drops his gloves, Weise pretends to drop his gloves and then skates away. BAHAHAHAHA!! Weise tried to "trick" thornton into taking a roughing penalty by getting him to drop his gloves and then skates away like a coward afraid to fight. The ref who heard the entire conversation knew Weise just disobeyed the ethics of the game and hit him with a 2 minute misconduct penalty to go along with Thornton's roughing penalty. Here is where it gets good..

Tony Gallagher, one of the larger Vancouver Canuck's media guys does an interview with Mike Felger on CSNNE earlier this week. Gallagher starts trashing Thornton saying that Thornton knows better than to challenge a guy to a second fight in the same period (it was also Thornton's second it happens often especially with enforces). What Tony doesn't know is that Thornton happens to be in the CSNNE studio so Felger asks Gallagher if he would like to have this conversation with Thornton personally, Gallagher agrees and this is what happens.. I will leave you with this tv interview gold..

HAHAHAHA.. Side note, Weise is 6'2'' 210 pounds according to the Canuck's official roster, NOT 170, NOT 180, NOT EVEN 190 Tony hahaha. Thornton is 6'2'' 217 according to B's official roster, so what was that argument again Tony? I missed it, can you tell me that again? Vancouver Canucks player's and media at its finest right there, try to defend their players with information that isn't even remotely accurate.

Oh wait I almost forgot, a day later the Canuck's coach held an interview whining about how dirty Marchand is, saying that if he continues to be a "rat" (like Vancouver's entire roster) then he is going to get hurt real bad some day. Fast forward to the 1 minute mark if you have already seen the actual hit.

I am just curious though, since Marchand is going to get his for that hit, COACH!! How do you feel about your own player's hit on Lucic last year? Is Hamhuis going to get his at some point too? Seriously though how is there not even a penalty called on that one again lucic but Marchand gets 5 games for his? I will admit I think Marchand's was dangerous and deserved a suspension but how does the league not even bat an eye at Hamhuis'?

K I am done, I ranted, oh well..


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