Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is Father Time Here Already?

Hey guys, in case you forgot, I do blog for this site.  I apologize I have been away in Hawaii for a while.  Anyways, after Monday night I had two possible things I could write about, the rise of Kansas’ Thomas Robinson for National Player of the Year or the Celtics looking old, slow, and just plain bad.  Well I decided to be negative and write about the Celtics.  (The TRob piece may come later this week.)

Where oh where do I start with these Celtics, it just breaks my heart every time I have to watch them.  This is like watching the Celtics right before they acquired KG and Ray except the opposite.  At least with that team, they were young and maybe could surprise a few people and there was hope that they could eventually turn that team around.  This team is old and is loaded with bad contacts.  Plenty of people have asked me what my thoughts are about blowing this team up.  My question is how do you do that?  Who wants to take on KG’s contract?  He has an expiring deal but is making over $21 mil this year, you would have to be crazy to take that on.  He also is no where near the player he once was, he can’t make post moves, lacks quickness, and can’t jump anymore.  Basically he is a 7-foot $21 mil jump shooter. 

What other pieces are possibly tradable?  There have been recurring rumors about trading Pierce, but what will you get for him?  Honestly unless you get 2 young studs and multiple draft picks, I say no.  Trading Pierce would be like trading Bird or Tom Brady.  This guy was loyal to the Celtics when they were terrible, doesn’t that mean anything?  This is a future Hall of Famer who will have his number retired one day for the Celtics, he deserves to be here, because he still has a lot left in the tank.  The other possible trade piece is Ray Allen.  To me, he seems the most realistic to be traded if the Celtics do decide to blow this team up.  Most teams need shooters, his contract isn’t unreasonable and he is still in phenomenal shape.  You can get good picks in return for him as well as at least one young stud.

To me though, it is too early to give up this core.  If say they are still under 500 in 15-20 games then I would think about it, but not right now.  There are still over 50 games to be played.  Father time will eventually come, I just hope its not here already.


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