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Bob's Midseason Rankings

Bob is back for more, this time with his midseason rankings.  Please send all hate to him, not me.  Just note, some of the recent trades were not accounted for as this took him a little while to write up.

LANE-O -     
            The Good:  Jerry, you have great RBs in Foster, Mathews, and T-rich (even if it cost you hometown favorite Tom Terrific and the best WR over the last month in Colston).  I also think you have 2 top WRs in AJ Green and Jordy Nelson that should keep this team in the hunt.

The Bad:  You are very weak at QB (Luck & Dalton) and this could prove to be a huge difference maker.  Most weeks you will be getting outscored by 10+ points just in the 1 position.  Your bench is another area of concern.  They are not scaring anyone so you better hope your starters stay healthy.  The Black Unicorn (Martellus Bennett) is good, just not that good where he would be considered a strength on your team. 

Best move:  Your best plan of attack is to ship one of your RBs off for a QB upgrade. 

Mid-Season Grade – B+

Skinny –
            The Good:  Since I own him in my major league, let’s just quickly talk about how good Aaron is.  After the first 3 games of the season, I have to admit I was a little scared as Rodgers only had a 3:2 TD/Int ratio.  It didn’t matter to the Fantasy world that he played 3 of the toughest defense’s in football as everyone seemed to question if he was still elite.  Well that was 4 weeks & 16TD’s ago and since Week 3, he has been the epitome of perfection by averaging over 300 yards and 3tds a game.  Can you say WINNING?  Also, having 3 WRs (Cruz, Fitz, & Thomas) that could score 30 points in any given week (Ex. Cruz having 6 TD’s over 4 games).  Add to this that you have the #1 ranked TE and a defense that probably outscores your RBs in most weeks….Very good team.

The Bad:  Lynch and Bush are 2 very good real life RBs, the only problem is they are on bad offenses that don’t score a ton of TDs.  Not good for Fantasy.  But that’s about it Skinny, good luck.

Best Move:  I would try flipping Witten and an RB for a better RB that scores TDs.

Mid-Season Grade – A

Mike V -        
            The Good:  “My husband cannot f--king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time” Very true Gisele, but your husband hasn’t been that good so far this year.  Sure he has 4 300 yard games, but when you throw it 50 times a game, even Weeden can do that.  However, he is in the good section because I do think that he turns it on soon since Hernandez is close to 100% and he is a huge part of what they do on offense to help Tom identify the defense.  From here on out, I think AP only gets better and still could push for most TD’s. 

The Bad:  You have 3 WRs that are probably Strong WR2’s but no absolute Stud (Austin, Colston, Money-Sandwiches).  Yes, Colston has been on a tear as of late, but will it continue when Jimmer comes back?  Colston’s targets in the 1st 3 games with Jimmer are 4, 4, & 13.  His targets in the 2 games without him are 18 & 10.  Now the worst of all, your 2nd RB is a choice between (Pierre Thomas, Vick Ballard, and Hyphen).  I know I wouldn’t feel good about those options.

Best move: Ship off either Brady or Peyton for an upgrade on your 2nd RB.

Mid-Season Grade – C-

Orrico –
            The Good:  You still have 3 good RB’s (Rice, Gore, Run DMC) even if Mcfadden has been awful.  He has the easiest schedule coming and a workload of 20+ touches a game.  It has to get better.  I love Cobb, especially since he is becoming Percy-like on a way better offense.  He will have some down weeks but as long as Jennings is not playing, the sky is the limit. 

            The Bad:  Flacco? Rivers?  And you haven’t tried to trade for an upgrade?  Bad bad bad.  Rivers throws like an 8 year old girl and getting worse and Flacco can’t hit a barn.  Also, outside of Cobb your WRs are mediocre at best.  Smith was a beast last year, but since Cam Newton is playing worse than Jamarcus Russell he really can’t do much.  (Editor’s Note: Mind your tongue.) Brown is a possession WR and Smith is a Boom or Bust.

            Best Move:  Trade for a QB and do it yesterday.  See above, Mike V has 2 goodies.

Mid-Season Grade – B-

Quinn –
            The Good:  Well this is going to be short, Drew Brees. Done.  Ok fine, I’ll give you Graham even though he hasn’t done all that much yet and Roddy.

The Bad:  You traded Roy Helu Jr. for Dez Bryant and your team still isn’t good.  Your RBs are terrible at best and once Bradshaw’s feet fail him again, which history has proven they will, it will get even worse.  Wallace needs to borrow some “Stickem” from the San Diego equipment team and you may have a chance.  Unfortunately, there is nothing to fix Dez from being an idiot and running wrong routes.  Trust me the Cowboys have even tried a life coach. 

Best move:  Stop playing Fantasy Football?  Or trade Jimmer and an RB for an upgrade.

Mid-Season Grade – Z-

Scaf –
            The Good:  This owner’s feeling everytime he looks at his team. 

            The Bad:  Deciding which studs to play has to be brutal.  Your RBs are top notch and your WRs are no slouches either.  Marshall and Wes certainly would find a spot on my team.  The only problem I have with your team is your TE situation.  Scott Chandler barely is a starter in my 18 team league. 

            Best move:  Go trade for an upgrade at TE, and with your roster, it shouldn’t be hard.

Mid-Season Grade – A+ 

Mike R –

            The Good:  Well I may have not given Matty Ice the credit he deserves in my Pre-season rankings but he is starting to be considered with the “elite” group of QBs now.  I also love Owen Daniels this year.  They are a run based team and leak Daniels out a lot for quick hitting throws.  He will probably outscore Andre if they keep winning games and aren’t playing from behind.

            The Bad:  The rest of your team.  Sure you have Calvin, but someone still needs to throw him the ball and Stafford obviously can’t.  Also, I am pretty sure that anyone playing Indy has figured out if you shut down Reggie Wayne, then they will have problems passing.  Turner has to slow down in the 2nd half of the season as well, I mean carrying that much weight around can not be easy. 

            Best Move:  Pray to the Fantasy God’s.

Mid-Season Grade – F+

Dan-o –

            The Good:  As a former owner of ALF, I have to say he is the most consistent RB I’ve had in quite sometime.  Did you know he can squat 700 pounds?  Well, he can and I see him being solid all year because of RG3 and their system.  Also, CJ?K and Morris have their best days ahead of them, don’t sell either.

            The Bad:  Stafford.  What a disappointment this bum is.  How long before the Lions give Hill the starting job?  He at least understands that throwing to Calvin is a must.  You have a bunch of RBs on your bench, none of them any good, but you should have WR depth on the bench because that is where you need the most help.  Julio is great, but the options of Crabtree and James Jones for spot #2, would make me want to punch my computer screen every time I looked at it. 

            Best move: Try to trade your entire bench of RBs for a WR.  I say try because they are that bad.

Mid-Season Grade – C-

Matty V –

            The Good:  You have a couple of MVP caliber players in Percy and RG3.  I mean RG3 is the 8th leading rusher in the league right now.  Not bad for a QB.  Nicks and Andre form a nice Trio of WRs that is the strength of your team.  And even though Gronk isn’t having the year he was last year, he still gives you quite the advantage in the TE spot. 
            The Bad:  I hate being right about Cam Newton sucking this year as I predicted in my Pre-Season rankings.  Oh wait, no I don’t.  He’s terrible but probably because he was a War Eagle at one time (Editor’s note: you are treading on a thin line Bob).  The only RB you have that will be consistently good for you is a 31 year old McGahee.  Yup, I kind of want to throw up too.

            Best move:  Try to trade Cam for a bag of Doritos.  Even a half eaten bag.

Mid-Season Grade – D-

Jon –
            The Good:  ………….. Ummmm Vincent Jackson’s pretty good I guess. 

            The Bad:  Keeping this short may be difficult.  Didn’t I say every MJD owner should have Rashad?  Well there was a reason.  Bingo, bango, bongo.  Onto the rest of this stud filled line-up.  Sproles is a Flex at best, Woodhead should be on waivers and you have him starting, ditto with Santana Moss.  Jennings is probably done for the year, Blount is awful, and Lance Moore will go back to doing nothing once Jimmy Graham comes back.  Oh yeah, and Green Bay’s D is looking good and worth a 5th round pick.  HAHAHA.

            Best move:  Probably drop half your team and go get better on waivers.

Draft Grade - F


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