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Bob's Preseason Rankings Fantasy Football

So I know it has been a while since anyone has blogged.  One of my buddies, Bob recently assessed my current fantasy league I am in giving his unbiased opinion on everyone's team.  Don't take any of this personal, as he didn't make the playoffs in his league last year.  Without further ado, I present Bob's Preseason Rankings.

LANE-O -     
            As a fan of the Pats and winning, I would have to say I love your first pick.  It’s a safe, very high upside pick that will make all Pats games more enjoyable.  However, your 2nd pick is terrible.  Not only did you pass on the likes of Jamaal Charles or Demarco Murray, but you picked a rookie RB who plays with a 48 year old Rookie QB and their best WR is a rookie out of the Supplemental Draft.  If you think MJD saw stacked boxes last year, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  After that, you followed it up with 2 walking injuries (Matthews and Colston) and then picked the worst RB playing organized football, and that includes high school teams.  Oh wait it gets better, you picked back to back WR on the same team next.  I mean good team but it could have been soo much better.

Draft Grade – C-

Skinny –
            Rodgers, Fitz, and Cruz are all studs and will produce for you every week.  The Lynch pick was wayyy to early though.  I mean do you really trust Marshawn Lynch to keep running for skittles???  Ya, me neither.  He just got paid and can buy as many skittles as he wants now.  I would have picked any RB that was picked in the next 2 rounds over him, except the offensive tackle named Michael Turner but we will get to him later.  And then you added even more risk by taking Beanie and Reggie.  I like to pick running backs on teams that actually know who their starting QB is but that’s just me.  Your best 3 picks were probably your last 3. 

Draft Grade – D-

Mike V -        
            Like this owners draft the most so far.  (Just remember, you are going against a C- and a D- so far)  You have 2 of the top 5 RB’s (AP could play with a prosthetic leg and be top 10).  Andre Johnson is in for a rebound year and your next 4 picks (Jordy, Hernandez, Austin, Peyton) are all solid picks with upside.  Greg Little that late is even a great value.  But you picked a Defense in the 9th round.  The only way they live up to that draft spot is if they play the Jets every single game.

Draft Grade – B

Orrico –
            Best RB combo out there.  Rice is so dependable and McFadden probably has the highest ceiling of all players.  Frank was too early there considering the talent he has behind him and the miles he has on his tires.  I am a fan of the double dip (Rivers and Gates) but think you could have got a QB that will finish with similar #’s at least 2 or 3 rounds later (Vick round 7 is just 1 example).  Love the WR’s you got so late because they all have the possibility to be #1’s on their teams (Antonio Brown, and Torrey Smith).  Buttttt Plax really?  I want to give you an F just for that 1 pick but will be nice.
Draft Grade – B+

Quinn –
            Quinn Quinn Quinn.  I love the fact that you picked 7 RB’s, great ambition.  The only problem I have is that none are any good.  You picked Bradshaw before Mathews and Mathews would have to miss the first 8 games for me to do that, not just 2.  Then you picked Roy Helu, Law Firm, and Ben Tate all before your best running back Stevan Ridley.  You do have the best TE out there but you only have 3 WR’s.  Roddy will be solid (even if he is the #2 on his own team), Wallace isn’t even playing yet, and Meachem has caught 1 pass so far from Rivers in 2 preseason games.  Not the rapport I would be banking on with only 3 wide outs.  Start thinking about the first pick for next year.

Draft Grade – F

Scaf –
            WOW!  Talk about a great draft.  Like having the best RB fall to you at 6th wasn’t good enough, but Jamaal Charles in the 3rd.  Are you serious??  Incredible!  Then to lock up 2 proven starting WR’s in Welker and Marshall is just fantastic.  Oh and it gets better.  You should be arrested for getting Vick (who was the unquestioned #1 pick last year) in the 7th.   That’s Bernie Madoff type stuff.  Decker, Spiller, and Romo just round out a great overall draft.  Well done.

Draft Grade – A+

Mike R –
            You have an OK team, and by OK I mean not that good.  Calvin is, well Calvin but Matt Ice with your 2nd??  Yikes.  I mean I play in an 18 team league and he lasted until the 3rd round.  I mean if you could have got Tony Romo in the 11th, you could have had Matt Forte /Tony Romo instead of Matt Ryan / Mario Manningham.  I would much rather have the first.  Like Murray but HATE HATE HATE Turner.  I think he will either be cut or moved to the O-line at some point this year.  And if one of those guys gets hurt (or cut) you are screwed.  And Reggie Wayne and Boldin are both on the backside cliff of their careers.  Love Lloyd but I also loved Ocho last year.  Best pick on this team was Cutler in the 12th.

Draft Grade – D-

Dan-o –
              Dan-o the man-o put forth arguably the best draft (sorry but my vote goes the team with McCoy, Forte ANDDDDDD Jamaal Charles….. that just shouldn’t happen unless you are in a 4 man league).  But CJ2K, Old reliable Steven Jackson, and Doug Martin isn’t too bad either.  Add to that you have 2 of my favorite WR’s in Julio (he will be the #2 wr this year behind only Calvin) and Percy “I do everything” Harvin.  Like that you waited on a TE and stole Pettigrew late.  And you waited on a Defense and Kicker til the last 2 rounds.  Great draft.

Draft Grade – A

Matty V –
            I am going to try to be as nice as possible since I’ve heard you are a UNC fan and I have a soft spot.  I am not as big a fantasy fan of Cam Newton as others are.  Listen, I know he is a stud in the making (Lane edit: War Eagle); however his fantasy points were inflated from rushing TD’s that will never be repeated.  Why?  Well if I own the Panthers, and saw the QB play before Newton, I am def not letting him take goal line carries to risk injury and going back to Jimmy Clausen.  Not happening.  Add that he only threw for over 200 yards once in the last 4 games last year and avg only 28 attempts over the last 8 games compared to 36 from the first 8 games.  Well you get my point, rant over.  Gronk is a beast but will never live up to that draft spot with all the other mouths to feed in New England now.  The rest of your guys I like but don’t love any, except Nicks, but with him he is always hurt.  You have a bubble team as of right now, sorry bud.  Go Tarheels tho.

Draft Grade – B-

Jon –
            Hopefully you missed the draft because that would give you an excuse of having such a bad team.  First, MJD isn’t that bad a pick right there, but not backing up him with Rashard Jennings and instead choosing GB defense, Danny Woodhead and Santana Moss is realllly bad.  You could have made up for it by taking a sure thing RB next round but instead you picked a QB that throws 25 interceptions a year and has lost some valuable weapons in his arsenal.  I do like Jennings and Dez, but not enough to call your team good.  Hope that Green Bay defense really holds it down for you. 

Draft Grade - D


Anonymous said...

"Bob" is a dumbass

Anonymous said...

You love Scaf and crapped on Quinn, Lane, and Jon. I would have given the same grades to them as people. I would love to shake your hand

Scaf said...

There's something about Bob I like...can't put my finger on it tho.

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